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Nothing should come between you and successful hard drive backup.
CrashPlan wins awards for providing comprehensive, friendly backup. And, unlike Carbonite backup, we won't put time-limits on what's saved in our cloud. Simply put, CrashPlan is the most reliable way to back up photos, music, videos and anything else in your digital life. 
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Simply Better Online Backup
Rollover the features below to see how CrashPlan backup delivers more value than Carbonite backup—making it the best online backup choice.

Features (rollover for more info) CrashPlan Carbonite
Truly unlimited data backup
YesCrashPlan has no limits on file sizes or versions.
NoCarbonite requires manual selection for files over 4GB. File versions are available for Windows only, and then only for 3 months.
External drive backup
YesCrashPlan backs up all your files from any and all drives.
Extra $Extra cost, Windows only and only one hard drive allowed.
Triple-destination protection
YesFree backup to external drives AND free (encrypted) backup to a friend’s drive or any networked computer.
NoExtra cost to back up to external drives, with no support for a third destination.
Unrestricted file-type backup
YesCrashPlan backs up video files at no extra cost.
NoExtra fee to automatically back up video files, and not available for Mac.
Keeps deleted files forever
YesYou can choose to keep deleted files forever - full protection against accidental deletions.
NoRemoves deleted files after just 30 days.
Retains files from disconnected drives
YesKeeps deleted files backed up from external drives as long as you choose.
NoPay extra to back up to an external drive and Carbonite will still delete backup copies if drive is not connected every 30 days.
Rollback files and folders to any date/version
YesGo “back in time” to any file or folders’ backup state.
NoNo version support on the Mac. On Windows, keeps just 1 version per day through 30 days, or 12 per year. By default, CrashPlan will save over 700; higher if you need more.
Private Key with 448-bit encryption
Yes448-bit encryption plus private key option - backup is practically impenetrable w/o your password.
NoCarbonite allows private keys only for Windows users. File encryption is limited to 128-bit.
Customized backup sets
YesCreate groups of files to be backed up to different destinations with custom frequency and versioning.
NoCarbonite has no such feature.
Compatible with Mac and Windows
YesSame industry-leading feature set - for Linux and Solaris too.
Not if you want all features.Advanced features not available on Mac. 
Clone entire drive
NoNot featured in CrashPlan at this time.
Extra $Cloning feature part of premium package only - Windows only.
Back up multiple computers
YesCrashPlan’s Family Plan covers up to 10 computers of unlimited data - less than $15 per computer per year.
Buy multiple subscriptions.Must buy a subscription for every computer.
Price 1-year
$59Industry-leading features and rave reviews.
$149 Prime plan for same features as CrashPlan.External drive support and automatic video file backup cost 2X more than CrashPlan. Overall many fewer features, slower backup and more money.

That’s not just unlimited online backup, that’s online backup without limits!

Try CrashPlan today and start living a worry-free digital life.

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"Whether you're stashing your data online or offline, CrashPlan's automatic backup feature takes a lot of the headache out of backup management."

"CrashPlan+ is easy to use, has a clean interface and can be customized to fit different backup needs. Different payment options also make it an affordable choice. Plus, CrashPlan+'s three restore options - app integration, Web-based recovery on any computer and desktop recovery-work seamlessly well together."

"The company hasn't paid me a dime to write this, but I'm not kidding when I say that CrashPlan is the most  important, valuable add-on service that you can buy for yourself."

"Compared to competing home backup solutions like Carbonite and Mozy, CrashPlan+ comes out ahead in both pricing and supported platforms, with its one-year unlimited data plan undercutting all of Carbonite's unlimited data plan's and Mozy's 50GB plan."

"Code 42 Software has been named to the 2012 Inc. 500 list of America's fastest-growing private companies. Just five years after launching CrashPlan, Code 42 now manages and protects over 150 petabytes of data globally."